How We Got Started

Victoria Napolitano had no idea what to expect when she started out as an entrepreneur in 2006.  She lost everything she had ever worked for after being injured in the line of duty, and had to start all over as a single mother with a young son.  As a police officer, Victoria did not have the advantage of a business background nor did she have a blueprint to provide her with any sort of direction.  After several years in the magazine publishing industry, it became abundantly clear that she was in for many hard-learned lessons.  After the 2008 market crash, Victoria lost all of her advertisers.  She wanted to position herself so that she never again needed to rely on advertisers. As a result, she set out to do what many considered impossible, to create her own in-house magazine platform.  Victoria worked all day and studied at night in order to become certified for the magazines and products she would soon own and distribute.  She thought it was important to know all of the aspects of her business, inside and out.  Today, almost 9 years later, Victoria Napolitano has created a unique empire based on her stand-alone magazine without advertisers or sponsors.  With over 175 magazine designs, Victoria’s empire exceeds 90 working magazines at any given time, and includes everything from romance to off-road driving.  At night, you will continue to find her studying in order to keep up with her relevant certifications in the ever-changing world.
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Beauty Therapist Certification

CPR Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique 

Etiquette Coach Certification

Event & Wedding Planner Certification

Life Coach Certification

Makeup artist Certification

Personal Trainer Certification

Public Speaking Certification

Sport Nutrition Certification


The Victoria Napolitano Group LLC. is pleased to announce our partnership with ABC / Disney for exclusive rights to our fine art photography which is licensed for use on television.